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Ms. Alisa Byrne » Mrs. Byrne's brief bio

Mrs. Byrne's brief bio

Born and raised in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley, Mrs. Byrne is a first generation Californian. The last of 5 children of Helena Angelica Cota and Carl Oswald Stahn, Mrs. Byrne (née Van Winkle) attended Dan T.Williams Elementary School, Richard Garvey Intermediate School and San Gabriel Mission High school, where she excelled in athletics as well as academics. 

Having the choice of USC, UCLA or Whittier colleges, Mrs. Byrne choose the scholarship offer from USC to pursue a pre-med curriculum with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology.
After graduation Mrs Byrne moved to the San Fernando Valley and attended CSUN to receive her elementary teaching credential and start work on her masters in Exercise Physiology.
During the 1984 Olympics, Miss Van Winkle met Mr. Byrne and they settled in San Bernadino County where they raised their 2 daughters Siobhan Rosaleen and Fiona Marie, and she taught special education at Colton High School for 12 years. While in Colton, Mrs Byrne received her masters in education at CSU, San Bernardino. 
After moving to Ventura county in 2000 Mrs. Byrne has taught at Channel Islands and Moorpark high schools as well as Villanova Preparatory school before settling at Fillmore High School.
Mrs. Byrne has taught Algebra 1, honors and college prep Algebra 2, honors and college prep Geometry, college prep Statistics, Math Endeavors, Math 1, Algebra Explorations, and Math 1A.
In her spare time Mrs. Byrne competes and coaches track and field and cross country.  She has received a gold medal in the Senior Olympics in the 1500m race walk.  She and her dog Dottie also compete in dog agility.