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Mathematics Department

Our Vision 

The Fillmore High School Mathematics Department is committed to helping students become creative, critical, rational and independent thinkers. They will understand and analyze the world around them through the lens of reason and logic. In doing so they will become knowledgeable, informed, responsible and active citizens in our democratic society.

Our Mission

  • To foster critical thinking skills
  • To promote knowledge of the core content
  • To help students see the world from different perspectives
  • To guide our diverse student population in realizing their potential as citizens of a democratic nation and members of our local community
  • To develop technologically literate individuals
A fond farewell from Mr. Mark Kandel
Kyle Fitzgibbons
Steven Kandel
Science Teacher
Benjamin Kolbeck
Leanna Legere
Math Teacher
Ariana Reyes
Michael Ruiz-Summers
Mark Sebek
Math Teacher