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Science is central to the lives of all Americans. Never before has our world been so complex and science knowledge so critical to making sense of it all. When comprehending current events, choosing and using technology, or making informed decisions about one’s healthcare, science understanding is key. Science is also at the heart of the United States’ ability to continue to innovate, lead, and create the jobs of the future. All students—whether they become technicians in a hospital, workers in a high tech manufacturing facility, or Ph.D. researchers—must have a solid science education. 
The Science Department of Fillmore High School is focused on preparing students for college and careers. Our standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, are aligned by grade level and cognitive demand with the English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards.
Course Offerings
Biology/Honors Biology 
Integrated Science
AP Biology*
AP Chemistry*
AP Physics*
*all AP courses require students to have passed biology and chemistry.
Graduation Requirements:
Students must successfully complete two years of science. One course must be Biology, while the second can be Chemistry, Physics, or Integrated Science.
Students planning on attending a 4-year university are encouraged to complete a minimum of 3 years of science.
More Information
Please visit for more details on the topics, concepts, and practices driving the science education at FHS.
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Steven Kandel
Science Teacher
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Science Teacher
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Kimberly Tafoya
Athletic Director, Chemistry Teacher
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