Social Studies Department

Our Vision
The Fillmore High School Social Studies Department is committed to helping students become creative, critical and independent thinkers. They will understand and analyze the important political, geographic, economic, legal and social issues of our contemporary and historical world. In doing so they will become knowledgeable, responsible and active citizens in our democratic society.

Our Mission
  • To foster critical thinking skills
  • To promote knowledge of the core content
  • To help students see the world from different perspectives
  • To guide our diverse student population in realizing their potential as citizens of a democratic nation and members of our local community
  • To develop technologically literate individuals
Economics - Read article and complete the three handouts.
Anthony Chavez
Social Studies Teacher
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Debra Hoffman
Social Studies Chair & Librarian
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Michael Jennings
Social Science Teacher
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Arye Kinberg
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Darby Schieferle
Social Studies Teacher
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Erin Sebek
Social Studies Teacher