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Virtual Wellness Space

Welcome to our school's virtual wellness space, a place where you can take a break, distract yourself and just relax your mind. There are many different ways to manage feelings and emotions. This space has a few ideas that can help get yourself in a more relaxed mood. Enjoy!
Click an image to be redirected to each soothing sound, video or activity
Image by Jared Rice
Mindfulness Meditation
Ocean Escape Meditation
Image by Nicole King
Waterfall Sounds
Image by Ian Stauffer
Meditation for Inner Peace/Calm
Sounds of Rainfall
Crackling Campfire Sounds
Image by Tim Marshall
Sounds of Waves
Image by Kinga Cichewicz
Music for Sleep
Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn
Relaxing Music
Image by J. Kelly Brito
Mindfulness Coloring Pages
DIY Projects for Teens
Image by Nick Fewings
Relaxing Coloring Pages
Sketch Pad
Image by corina ardeleanu
Blooming Flowers
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
Virtual Nature Walk
Clownfish in Aquarium
Sea Life
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