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Across all content areas, AVID’s research-based strategies and curriculum develop students’ academic skills such as: reading, writing, and critical thinking. Academic behaviors, including organization, time management, and goal setting, are also taught as part of the AVID System. The AVID curriculum was developed by elementary, middle, and high school educators in collaboration with college professors. Driven by the WICOR method, and based on rigorous standards, AVID’s curriculum supports high levels of academic achievement for all students and aligns to state and national content standards.

WICOR<abbr rel='tooltip' helper='Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading'>WICOR</abbr>

AVID’s proven learning support structure, known as WICOR , incorporates teaching/learning methodologies in the critical areas of Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn. WICOR provides a learning model that educators can use to guide students in comprehending concepts and articulating ideas at increasingly complex levels (scaffolding) within developmental, general education, and discipline-based curricula. Furthermore, the WICOR model reflects and promotes the expertise and attitudes that will serve students well in their academic lives and careers. 


Writing Resources:

National Writing Project

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Read Write Think


Inquiry Resources:

Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry and Assessment 

Learning Science Through Inquiry 


Collaboration Resources:

Cornell University - Center for Teaching Excellence

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Online Student Collaboration 


Organization Resources:

8 Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Your High School Get-it-Together Guide


Reading Resources:

AVID Critical Reading Strategy

Teaching and Assessing Reading Skills - Scholastic

Reading in the Mathematics Classroom